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    POLSTERIA is a truly exclusive collection characterized by timelessness, elegance, high quality and rich functionality. Although the design here is quite traditional, the attention to detail distinguishes this furniture above all others. POLSTERIA products are mainly made of high-quality leather, but we still leave the customer a lot of opportunities to intervene in the creation of his own unique furniture. … minimalism in a decorative form … Top 3 modele Polsteria Lava Prisma Jane FOR YOUR RELAXATION Comfortable, high-quality and fully suitable for everyday use – this is what a good upholstered set should be like. POLSTERIA provides a wide selection of comfortable sets that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumer. They delight with timeless elegance, attention to the smallest details and a wealth of functions, often controlled by means of electrical devices … trendy and stylish furniture … QUALITY, COMFORT, AND FUNCTIONALITY These are the three basic values ​​that describe the Polsteria offer. Our upholstered sets are distinguished by modern versatility, which makes the furniture fit perfectly into any living space. They will prove themselves both as functional elements that take up little space, as well as those ensuring comfort… Read More »Polsteria

    The September Fair in Herford is coming soon. We invite you!

      As every year, we have a great pleasure and hope to meet you during the MOW fair. We would like to remind you that, just like last year, the Steinpol and Cotta collections will be presented in our magnificent market hall in Herford. See you soon!


        SIT & MORE is furniture delighting with its simplicity, multi-functionality and good price. They are especially recommended for smaller spaces because they are characterized by small dimensions. In addition, they contain the most-used functions, i.e. the bed function, adjustable headrests and armrests, and smaller or larger storage. Here you will find both conventional and modern style products. … something more than ordinary furniture … Top 3 modele Sit&More Arngast XC Varese XC Göteborg UNLIMITED VERSATILITY Unlimited versatility is the hallmark of the SIT & MORE collection. Our range of furniture will meet the expectations of anyone looking for comfort in a good style. Here you will find models that delight with modernity, timeless classics or original conventionality. SIT & MORE is simple but original furniture that does not take up a lot of space. … combination of quality and comfort … FURNITURE AS YOU WANT With SIT & MORE you can choose functional furniture for any living space and more. With this collection, it’s all up to you. We give you a wide selection of corner sofas and sofas made of various fabrics, with various shapes of legs or seat comfort. Do you need furniture… Read More »Sitomore

        Steinpol and new furniture display in Herford

          Did you know that for less than a year Steinpol has had a permanent furniture exhibition in Herford, Germany? This is a great opportunity for development for us and our customers. What is Herford famous for? Herford is a town near Bad Salzuflen, where the M.O.W. furniture fair takes place every September It is a venture with over 30 years of tradition important for several reasons. As you probably guessed, such events are the perfect time to establish trade exchanges, introduce new exhibitors and learn about interesting, innovative solutions in the industry. If you are interested in this topic, it is also an opportunity to observe the latest trends, concepts and marketing ideas. It is an elementary aspect influencing the cohesion of this sector. Steinpol in Herford Having a permanent exhibition in a town like Herford is an opportunity for our company to make even greater progress. Until now, our showroom was located in Rzepin, where we gladly invited our customers, organized internal fairs and presented new models. Now the above-mentioned exhibition in Germany performs the same functions. It is much larger than the previous one and we present furniture of both our production and… Read More »Steinpol and new furniture display in Herford


            It is a collection created for lovers of modern design. It is perfect for larger and more spacious spaces. Families with children will love it. The sofas from the Poco line are products with a large number of relaxation functions, such as an extendable seat, adjustable backrests, headrests and armrests. The collection provides a wide selection of fabrics, widths, and heights of seats, seat comfort,  shapes of armrests, etc. … minimalism in a decorative form … Top 3 modeli Poco Dover Seattle Carolina MODERN DESIGN FOR EVERYONE The POCO collection is synonymous with a young and modern design that offers a wealth of possibilities. Our upholstered furniture is characterized by functionality, comfort and eye-catching design. They perfectly adapt to all needs, and their unique style and innovative design make them extremely versatile. It is a great choice for families with children who have more space and also greater requirements. … trendy and stylish furniture … RELAX YOURSELF Mobile modules and adjustable elements that POCO furniture is equipped with, make it possible to fully adjust products to your needs and moods. The possibility of adjusting the depth of the seat, adjusting the armrests and headrests, and… Read More »Poco


              SELECTION is a collection dedicated to the TV chairs we all love. You can relax on them, read a book, watch a movie or take a short nap. They are distinguished by a wealth of ergonomics: we can adapt the chair to our weight, height and age. They also provide many useful functions, such as the “stand up aid” function, the possibility of unfolding the footrest and backrest, and movable headrests. … minimalism in a decorative form … Top 3 modeli Selection Matrix Style Idora Sitzgefühl EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH A CONCEPT If the body is fully relaxed, the soul can also rest. SELECTION armchairs are innovative elements designed with your well-being and comfort in mind. They are designed to meet your personal requirements without taking up a lot of space. SELECTION is comfort closed in a unique design. … trendy and stylish furniture … COMFORT AND ERGONOMICS Our armchairs are more than a piece of furniture, they are as varied as the needs and requirements of our customers. With your personal comfort in mind, we have prepared a wide selection of seat heights and depths. You can adapt them to your weight, height, or age.… Read More »Selection