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Our Brands

Meet the innovative Steinpol brands, distinguished by different styles and functionalities

POLSTERIA is a truly exclusive collection characterized by timelessness, elegance, high quality and rich functionality. Although the design here is quite traditional, the attention to detail distinguishes this furniture above all others.

SELECTION is a collection dedicated to the TV chairs we all love. You can relax on them, read a book, watch a movie or take a short nap. They are distinguished by a wealth of ergonomics: we can adapt the chair to our weight, height and age.

It is a collection created for lovers of modern design. It is perfect for larger and more spacious spaces. Families with children will love it. The sofas from the Poco line are products with a large number of relaxation functions, such as an extendable seat, adjustable backrests, headrests and armrests.

SIT & MORE is furniture delighting with its simplicity, multi-functionality and good price. They are especially recommended for smaller spaces because they are characterized by small dimensions. In addition, they contain the most-used functions, i.e. the bed function, adjustable headrests and armrests, and smaller or larger storage.